Peasant's wedding


Vintage programs

Spend a day in a vineyard enjoying the panoramic view to the Lake Balaton while harvesting the grapes. The programs feature:


  • gringind
  • pressing
  • must tasting
  • bacon grilling , wine drinking
  • funny vintage games (wine drinking from the baby bottle, blindfold grape eating, nice prices for the winners)
Vintage program with lunch

Lunch in the Csárda 2 cl brandy, 2 dl wine, patty, bean-stew as much a syour belly holds, curd cheese patty
Drink of your choice are all extra

Vintage program with dinner

Program offer :

  • Gypsy music
  • Folk dance show
  • Peasnat's wedding
  • Gypsy wedding
  • Horse shoing an egg
Vintage program with lunch and with dinner

Horse shows

Wine tasting
For the afternoon we recommend you a fine wine tasting which includes:
  • 1 dl Csopak welshriesling (dry)
  • 1 dl Balatonfüred Chardonay (dry)
  • 1 dl Tihanyi Zweigelt (half sweet)

Bread and dripping (goose) with vinegar onions

  • 1 dl Csopak welshriesling(dry)
  • 1 dl Balatonfüred Chardonay (dry)
  • Balatonfüredi Szürkebarát Pinot-Gris (half sweet)
  • Balatonakali Kékfrankos (dry)
  • 1 dl Tihanyi Zweigelt (half sweet)

Cold plate with house made smoked special delicacies :
ham, sausages, bacon, onion, pepper, tomato